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Some interesting facts about honey and the products we sell.

Bees making a hive

World Bee Day – May 20

Click to listen to Richard & Kim from 2HD Radio speak with Highland Honey - The Honey Man - Roger
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Newcastle Honey Lovers

HONEY LOVERS of Newcastle and those who know what's good for them. Just a quick note to let you know
Use honey instead of pills


In recent years, the growth in some drug-resistance has encouraged a change in perception about modern medicine drugs. Trends are
Honey for Improved Sleep


Can't sleep? Your brain is feeling fried? Anxiety is wearing away your power? It feels like you are not getting
Blackbutt Tree

Blackbutt Honey

Blackbutt Honey is a magnificent light honey particularly enjoyed by the younger generation.
Honey combats hay fever

What is the sweetest solution to combat hay fever?

I'm a hay fever suffer. For a few months in spring time its an absolute nightmare for me. I can
Newcastle 2HD Radio

Newcastle 2HD Radio LOVE Highland Honey

Highland Honey plug on air last Thursday morning thanking Roger for sending the team in his delicious honey.

Why does Honey Crystallise or Candy?

Crystallising honey or candied honey is a good indication that your honey is raw (unpasteurised) and not leached of beneficial

Honey for a Natural Hangover Cure

Can you believe it - honey as a hangover cure! Yah. Wasn't I happy when I read this bit of
Honey with Ginger

Honey for Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief Therapy with Honey Last weekend I met a lady who has had to experience immerse pain in

Highland Honey vs Sugar

Honey for Endurance

What works better than energy gel shots? Honey, of course.

What works better than energy gel shots for endurance and recover? Honey, of course. One of the most important consideration
Stringybark Honey

Stringybark Honey

Stringybark - Eucalyptus macrorhyncha
Inspecting Honey Bee Hives

Honey Bee Hive For Sale

Highland Honey is now selling beehive boxes We build our boxes to enable the best opportunity for bees. We have
Beeswax Tealight Candles

What is Beeswax?

Beeswax is produced by the honey bees. It is secreted from eight wax producing glands on the worker bee's abdomen.
inspecting bee hives

The Honey Mans Buzy Week

My wife is constantly complaining that I'm always busy with my bees and not doing her jobs. So I thought

Grey Ironbark Honey

Do you ever wonder what tree your honey comes from? This season at my place its snowing Blue Gum flower

On the move

Recently Roger and Stuart introduced new hives to their farm. The father son team are looking for hive improvements and
Lavender Bee @ Highland Honey

Tips for a bee friendly garden

The best place to start to make the world a better place to bee is in your back garden, or

Tumeric in Honey

We have added three "Turmerics" to our range of


Check out our new

New Manuka Skin Care Range

We have now added the Manuka Honey Skin Care range of products to our catalogue of products. As the products
Highland Honey Bee Pollen

About Bee Pollen

Wheat and Gluten FREE Nature’s Superfood Collected by honeybees from our remote, clean & green forests, Highland Honey’s bee pollen
Australian Medically Active Honey

Medically Active Honey

Australian Medically Active Honey is honey that has been specifically tested for its effectiveness in the control of Golden Staph