What is the sweetest solution to combat hay fever?

Honey combats hay fever

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I’m a hay fever suffer. For a few months in spring time its an absolute nightmare for me. I can do 20 sneezes in a row. It destroys me, particularly when I’m out mowing in the dust. I have to use anti-histamines and sometimes the eye and nasal solutions. It’s expensive and will eventually lead to my body becoming resilient to those drugs.

As a teenager I went to the doctor for the desensitisation treatment. That involved getting an injection every week for months and then every second week for a few more months. It was expensive, a hassle and really I’m not certain that it worked.

Finding out that honey potentially can reduce or eliminate hayfever suffering is the sweetest news.

Especially because I am a farmer and live in the country full of allergens. I’m most allergic to paspalum grass, but many other things can set me off, like dust.

Honey has so many benefits and properties and for me this positive perk is a very real and a current response. And what a yummy way to do it. Be gone needles and drugs.

How does honey work to combat hay fever

Raw honey contains pollens. Consuming pollens work to desensitise your system. Desensitisation is a method to reduce or eliminate an auto-immune reaction to pollens. Honey is also excellent for supporting the immune system because it is full of vitamins & minerals and flavonoids (flavonoids of which there are about 6,000 are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and disease preventers).

If you can buy a local honey you can get traces of the pollens that maybe causing your hay fever. However, using honey as a allergy treatment may not work for everyone, because the plants you are allergic to may not be contained in the honey. But it is certainly worth a try if it leads to no more expensive anti-histamines, nasal sprays, eye drops or peeing your pants.

How to treat hay fever with honey

By taking 2 tablespoons of honey everyday for 2-3 months before your hay fever season. Simple right!

If that can seem monotonous you don’t have to just take the honey from the spoon. The pollen is not destroyed by heating, so you can include honey in recipes.

Another way is to add honey to Nettle tea, which is a natural anti-histamine.

Remember: That honey is high in calories, so pay attention to your overall diet when adding significant amounts of honey. 2 tablespoons is 42g of honey which is 128 calories. Average daily intake is 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 for men.

If you take your honey dose before bedtime you will also be helping your brain.

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