Honey & Garlic 450g Jar


Honey & Garlic

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Honey & Garlic 450g Jar

As our customers say, “Wow”, who would have thought that this combination would work so well?  Use in marinades, stir-frys, drizzle over nearly cooked lamb or chicken or eat by the teaspoonful to ward of colds and flu.


Garlic is an awesome food loaded with health properties for fighting disease, lower blood pressure & cholesterol, it’s an antioxidant and detoxifying including being nutritious and a taste sensation.

What Are the Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects of Garlic and Honey?


Try using Honey & Garlic is this recipe

Double Corn & Honey Fritters with Honey-Bacon Drizzle

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Weight496 g
Dimensions70 × 70 × 130 mm