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Blackbutt Tree

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Blackbutt Honey is a magnificent light honey particularly enjoyed by the younger generation.

Blackbutt Tree

Eucalyptus pilularis, commonly known as blackbutt, is a common and dominant tree of the family Myrtaceae native to southeastern Australia. A large tree, it is identified by the stocking of rough bark, to about halfway up the trunk, above this is white smooth bark. The leaves are a uniform glossy to dark green and the white flowers occur from September to March. Blackbutt is the predominant tree species seen on the drive on the Pacific Highway between Taree and Coffs Harbour. Blackbutt is a koala food tree.[1] Economically, it is one of Australia’s most important hardwoods.

Blackbutt can grow to 50 metres in height, and a trunk diameter of 4.1 metres. Blackbutt is a potential giant, of immense size

Found in wet sclerophyll or grassy coastal forests. North from Eden on the far south coast of New South Wales up to south eastern Queensland.[5]

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