Honey for Improved Sleep

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Can’t sleep? Your brain is feeling fried? Anxiety is wearing away your power?

It feels like you are not getting a system reboot to reset you on a fresh day.

These are some symptoms that you need to feed your brain. Having a table spoonful or two of unpasteurised honey before bed can support your brain-function and give you the chance for a better sleep [1] and wellbeing. Honey is proven to help sleep.

I remember how my grandma would give me medicine crushed in a spoonful of honey. The honey was an important part of the treatment along with the drugs. It’s not just old wives trick for treating the wretched sleep of a sick child. Having a spoonful of honey before bed does amazing things for sleep.[2]

Try our decadent honeys with an extra good night kick. A bit of hot toddy, yes please.

I also remember my old aunt would to take a shot of whiskey before bed so she could fall asleep. So using my family matriarch’s medicine I’ve created blends of honey and alcohol.



About the Brain & Sleep

The brain is about 2% of your entire body mass, weighing around 1.4kg. But it is the hungriest part of the body consuming 20% of the supplied energy from food. That energy is used in the brain to regenerate cells and nourish the nerves.

The brain receives its energy supply from the energy reserves stored in the liver. The liver is the only organ that can both store and release glucose for fuelling of the brain. Hence ensuring enough storage of liver glycogen amount during the eight hours of night fasting becomes critical.

The energy from honey is stored in the liver which supplies the brain during sleep giving you a better chance to wake feeling refreshed.

Honey for more sleep

If we go to bed with a depleted liver, the brain triggers the release of stress hormones – adrenalin and cortisol in order to convert muscle protein into glucose required for the survival of the brain. And the overproduction of stress hormones not only works against our efforts to lose weight but in the long run (day after day, week after week, month after month…) can also lead to conditions such as obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, poor immune function, hypertension, depression and other distressing health problems.

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