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Highland Honey is a family owned business operating in the Lake Macquarie area of NSW and encompasses Newcastle, the Hunter region and the Central Coast. We produce local honeys and also purchase honey from our son who operates in the New England Ranges of New South Wales. Our honeys are extracted and packed using traditional labour methods. Apart from the uncapping stage, we do not heat the honey in the extraction and packaging process. This ensures that our honey is 100% pure and "raw" and tastes like real honey did many years ago. It also ensures that our honey retains all of its medicinal properties.

shop nowMost of our honeys are from gum trees but unfortunately, their flowering isnotoriously unreliable so whilst a variety may be available this year, it may be many years before those trees flower again.

We currently have a number of different types of plain honey available varying from a very light honey through to a quite strong honey. See the individual varieties for a more detailed description of them. If you put honey in your tea or coffee or in your cooking, consider the lighter honeys as the stronger ones are just too overpowering. From time to time, we also have candied honeys. If you want to order a candied honey, order one of the other plain honeys and at the end of the checkout process, include a message that you want candied honey and how strong a honey you would like.

We have recently added Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil and Infused Cold Pressed Olive Oils to our product range. Download a copy of our brochure on Macadamia Oil to read of the benefits of this oil. Our olive oils won the Grand Champion Prize at the 2010 Sydney Royal Show and come from the Barossa Valley of South Australia.

Important Note!!!! Some people have experienced difficulties when trying to "add products to cart" in our website. If you have come to our website by typing in "highlandhoney.com.au" or have come in via Google, you will need to come in by "www.highlandhoney.com.au" instead. The software that our website is written in will allow one of these but not both. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

This coming Saturday Roger will be at Swanfest in the carpark of Swansea RSL from 10am. Then on Sunday, he will be at the Nelson Bay Legacy Market, Neil Carroll Reserve Shoal Bay Road Nelson Bay..

Due to the very dry weather both here and in the west, both honey and pollen will be in extremely short supply this year. As a result, we have had to make our larger pollen sachets "temporarily unavailable" and have had to increase the prices for our honey products. We regret the rise, but have no choice as the price being paid for honey by the packers has started going through the roof. This is the first price rise for our honeys in over 5 years.

Come to the market and taste our exciting new award-winning range of Balsamics, Dressings and Marinades from Simply Stirred, the Newcastle Pudding Lady.

Check out our special three-for-two offers in the Rosedale Park Extra Virgin Olive Oil range.

Gift Coupons are now available, see under Gift Packs and Gift Coupons. These packs offer substantial savings. Unlike others, our Gift Coupons do not have an expiry date.

We have added Bees Wax to our line up. See Plain Honeys & Bees Wax for details.

Check out our new Gift Appreciation Jars. A perfect way to say thanks to guests at a very special day in your life such as an Engagement, Wedding or Christening. They can be supplied in plain honey or any of our specialty honeys in any combination.

We have now added the Manuka Honey Skin Care range of products to our catalogue of products. As the products are based around Medically Active Manuka Honey, their healing properties are unquestionable.

Donna, a coeliac, from Newcastle has reported some extremely encouraging results after using our pollen as has Luke from Northern NSW and Michael from Sydney. More details are available under "Bee Pollen".

I am waiting for a report from Ray who has reported that Pollen has flushed toxins from his body that have been there up to 25 years.

We also have two young ladies suffering Fibromyalgia who have reported some extremely encouraging preliminary reports after only a few weeks eating our pollen. More details are available under "Bee Pollen".

Read what MY of Sydney has to say about our Medical Honey, under "Medically Active Honey".

We have a range of speciality honeys that includes

Honey & Ginger (Smooth, Traditional and Chunky)
Honey & Cinnamon (Single and Double strength)

Honey & Turmeric
Honey & Garlic
Honey & Lemon Myrtle
Honey & Chilli (Mild and Lava)
Ginger (Fine or Chunky)

Use honey and bee pollen products as a tasty treat, an essentail cooking ingredient or a natural therapy alternative, a health boost and the list goes on.

Our honey is packaged in 375ml plastic jars with tamper-tel lids and are $6.50 each for the plain honeys and $7.00 each for the specialties. We are happy to help with larger container sizes on request.

Our containers are all new, food quality, sterilised and are reusable.
Bee pollen has many health benefits - buy it now