Grey Ironbark Honey

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Do you ever wonder what tree your honey comes from?

This season at my place its snowing Blue Gum flower and the bees are frenzied with the delicate scents of the eucalyptus tree.

Honey from different trees has distinct flavours, colours and healing properties. At Highland Honey being a boutique honey producer we can locate our hives to get a specific flavour. Our raw processing technique then maintains that flavour and essence of the tree.

My bees in the Lake Macquarie NSW are positioned pretty close together, but each hive has its own spotter bees. Each hive produces different honeys at the same time. When I harvest honey, I rob only one hive at a time and I keep each hives honey completely separate. I don’t mix honeys from different hives.

My honeys are usually what ever is in flower around here. The hills behind us have a lot of Bloodwood trees, and this is a very strong distinctive tasting honey. The Bloodwood hasn’t flowered much over the least 5 years. This years Highland Honey Fennel Bay Blend has a lot of Grey Ironbark which makes it a medium strength honey.

Highland Honey
Fennel Bay Blend Summer Harvest available now from Highland Honey.

Try the Fennel Bay Blend for the taste of Lake Macquarie. Highland Honey Speciality Honeys are blended with Northern NSW Tablelands honey and a range of natural health promoting ingredients. Highland Honey Decadent Honeys are a liquor ranges, the tastes are amazing for your recipes and condiments.