What works better than energy gel shots? Honey, of course.

Honey for Endurance

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What works better than energy gel shots for endurance and recover? Honey, of course.

One of the most important consideration in any feat of endurance is to maintain blood-sugar levels.  Bodies with the best stores of glycogen and blood sugar will always emerge from such feats of endurance as the least exhausted and last to be fatigued. 

A couple of crazy adventure athletes running the peak ridge.

All food that contain carbohydrates are rendered down inside our bodies to the simple sugar glucose.  The body absorbs glucose within seconds – it is an instant energiser.  But without fructose the energy is short-lasting.  Even worse when the amount of glucose exceeds that needed to fuel the body, it is lad down as fat.

Fructose is molecularly very similar to glucose, but it has an almost magical property.  If fructose is added to glucose intake, the fructose confers longevity on the energy provided by glucose. Fructose converts glucose not into fat but into a food reserve in the liver. 

Why is Honey better than energy gel shots?

Honey contains glucose and fructose. The magical combination of glucose and fructose in honey directs this energy towards the liver, where it is stored should the brain or body require it.

Honey allows you to elasticise your normal energy reserves.

Energy manipulation is just one of many benefits that honey provides the endurance athlete or adventurer. To start with, Honey is pre-digested by bees which adds important enzymes ready to act within our metabolism.

Raw Honey is a living food.

Highland Honey Stringybark Raw Honey is loaded with anti-bacterial and immune support properties from the bees collecting gum from the Stringybark Eucalyptus tree. This honey also has valuable astringent qualities that assist with the recovery from skin & mucus issues when used topically or ingested.

Did you know? Bees are fuelled by fructose and glucose, this sugar allows them to travel enormous distances at high speed and in perilous conditions, assaulted by high winds, fluctuating temperatures and rainstorms.

Post inspired by Adrian and Rainee Herron. Adrian begins an epic run of 100km on 20 September, expected to take him 24hrs. OMG. Go Adrian. Support Adrian support Beyond Blue. https://beyondblue-individual.everydayhero.com/au/leaving-now?fbclid=IwAR1RsxOuwPAc2uhZ334BjuOMfEePApNbodkLv1ke5PBLaSruBvwvQpSNHIA