Highland Honey vs Sugar

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Sugar Factory

Sugar has no other function than to sweeten food. Whether sugar is from cane or beet, is refined or unrefined it has no benefits for the body. If you take more sugar in a day than your body uses, the sugars will be converted to fat.

A teaspoon of sugar contains:
16 Calories,
5g Carbohydrates,
80kJ Energy.


Honey Factory

Honey on the other hand is a valuable and therapeutic natural sweetener, with many amazing beneficial affects on the body. Honey is a concentrate of converted flower nectar. Plus you need less honey to get the same sweetness.

A teaspoon of honey contains:
22 Calories,
22g Carbohydrates,
355kJ Energy.

Benefits of Honey as a Sweetener

  • Raw Highland Honey is an unaltered ‘living’ food; it has not been refined, heated or bleached.
  • Honey supplies an energy hit to the brain within minutes, but also sustains that energy boost by fuelling the liver’s store of energy.
  • Honey is recuperative – it restores the body’s energy at an amazing rate.
  • Honey has a gentle laxative effect and supports friendly gut bacteria, aiding digestion throughout the day.
  • Honey hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water – honey will even extract water from a stone or a pebble.  In the body it reduces excess water from cells, helping prevent oedema, swelling caused by accumulated water in cells and tissues.
  • Honey boosts the immune system and has an antibacterial effect both internal and externally, helping the body heal.

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