Manuka Honey Conditioning Lip Balm, 15gms




A most effective honey lip balm that naturally moisturises and soothes dry chapped lips. Also handy for mosquito bites and small burns.

Manuka Honey Conditioning Lip Balm, 15gms

One of our most popular products, this is a very effective lip balm enhanced with Active AAH650+ to naturally moisturise, soothe and heal dry and chapped lips.  Honey has a low natural sun protection factor that will provide a small amount of protection from the harsh elements of nature whilst hydrating the skin of the lips.

It is important to have both this Lip Balm along with the Protective SPF15 Lip Care as both have unique differences that appeal to different customers.  For example, the angle applicator tip may not be an application technique that men would feel comfortable with, but they are quite happy to apply lip balm from a pot (so men would use this Soothing Lip Balm morning and night).  For women, the Protective SPF15 Lip Care is excellent at the start of the day as it contains the SPF15.  The Soothing Lip Balm would be perfect for them at night as it is a bit more of an intensive balm, so apply before bed so that dry and chapped lips are conditioned while you sleep.

Please Note: The Soothing Lip Balmis the only Manuka Honey product to contain Lanolin.  Lanolin acts to bind the ingredients together, so if you have a sensitivity towards Lanolin, use the Protective SPF15 Lip Care instead.

Directions: Apply as required.

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